Welcome to the Summer School on Auditory Cognition, Groningen 2011

Between July 7th and July 14th, 2011, we will organize the first summerschool exclusively focused on the topic of "Auditory Cognition - Listening in the Real World". We welcome late-master and PhD-students from the 6th of July. The event will be hosted by the Department of Artificial Intelligence, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

We have prepared a 5 day educational program complemented by social activities. Speakers ranging from the UK to New Zealand will hold theory classes on Auditory Cognition and especially about listening in real world conditions.

Auditory cognition

Auditory cognition covers all processes from the reception of sounds to the generation of an adaptive response. The response can vary from detecting sound sources, via the generation of a matching narrative or even a formal complaint about sound annoyance, to simple enjoyment of the sonic ambiance. Auditory cognition is therefore by necessity aimed at cognitive processes in real-world conditions.

Consequently the Summer School will cover a combination of theory and practice. The theory covers the many levels of processing of audition. This is fairly challenging since this covers everything from advanced signal processing to modern theories of attention, awareness, and emotion regulation. The lab sessions in the afternoon cover many practical aspects. The students will learn to make proper recordings, do a number of key experiments, learn to use computational models of sound processing, build simple but effective sound recognition systems, and they will be introduced to the body of methodological techniques associated with this field.

Topics that will be addressed include

  • An overview on perception and auditory cognition
  • The role of perception in cognitive science
  • The position of audition compared to other senses
  • How to extend perception/auditory cognition to outside the lab
  • The role of top-down influences on audition
  • (Computational) Neurophysiology of the auditory system
  • Sound recognition: both automatic and human categorization with focus on non-trivialized input
  • Soundscapes and how to create pleasant sonic environments
  • The effects of sound on health

Confirmed teachers

Attention: first deadline is the 30th of April 2011. If there are enough places left after this date, more participants can be accepted.

For more information about the program or fees and such, click here.

If you have any questions about the summer school, you can contact the secretary of our summer school committee, Sjors Lutjeboer, at acgsummerschool@rug.nl.