About us


For everything concerning the summer school that is not related to the educational program, we are the people to go to! We are six enthusiastic students from the AI department of the University of Groningen and responsible for a wide range of tasks, from taking care of your accommodation to organizing leisure activities to regulating the admission procedure.

Ayla Kangur

Ayla (22) is the leader of the bunch. She is a bachelor student Artificial Intelligence. Ayla has organized a summer school once before while she was studying medical sciences and wanted to use her experience to set up a summer school for the Sensory Cognition Group. She works as the right hand of Tjeerd Andringa. Ayla loves almost everything: traveling, meeting new cultures, partying, watching movies and reading books.

Sjors Lutjeboer

Sjors (25) just quit studying Artificial Intelligence and is now planning to study history or sociology. He wants to contribute to the summer school because he thinks it will be awesome to meet students from all over the world. Sjors likes race games, watching soccer, playing boardgames and building huge castles with LEGO. He is the secretary, so he's the one replying to all your e-mails!

Dyon Veldhuis

Dyon (22) is a bachelor student Artificial Intelligence and hoping to start his master in September this year. He is the treasurer of the committee. He has a lot of experience handling money, because he was the treasurer of the study association for Artificial Intelligence and Computing Science. He wants to help to organize this summer school because he thinks it's fun to make this summer school possible together with the other people. Dyon likes sports, making jokes and playing League of Legends.

Sybren Jansen

Sybren (21) is a bachelor student Artificial Intelligence, also finalizing his bachelor years. He joined the committee because he knows the rest can't do it without him. It's a fun group and he wants to organize an interesting and smashing summer school with this group so the foreign students will not soon forget the amazing city of Groningen. Sybren is our design man and responsible for the website and flyers. He likes playing soccer, Guitar Hero and the famous Frisian sport "fierljeppen".

Inge Slingerland

Inge (23) is a master student Human-Machine Communication and busy writing her thesis, which she hopes to finish before July 2011. She joined the committee because she finds it important to give people the opportunity to expand their scientific horizons. She loves computer games, hanging with friends, sports, and watching the Big Bang Theory. Inge is responsible for the social program, together with Trudy. With her extensive knowledge on the Groninger nightlife, she is very suitable for this function.

Ruud Henken

Ruud (23) is a bachelor student Artificial Intelligence finishing some last courses, though he is already standing with one leg in the master Artificial Intelligence. He joined the committee a little later since his position only became available after Trudy gave up hers. Together with Inge, he is responsible for the social program of the summer school. Ruud likes sports, writing smart computer programs and traveling.


From left to right: Sjors, Inge, Dyon, Ruud, Ayla and Sybren